Texts & Topics

Over the years I have collected reference texts for workshops and classes. I have moved these texts into smaller websites, sorted by topics. They contain quotes and selections of short texts from the philosophical, psychological, theological, and literary traditions I find most interesting. You will find scientific references, short overviews of various topics, lecture notes, discussion points, summaries, and links to external resources.

  1. Trialectics.net: This is a website with some of my own philosophical musings.
  2. Philosophy Texts: A selection of philosophy texts through the centuries.
  3. Metaphysics Blog: Dedicated to metaphysical reflections. I consider metaphysics to be the center of Western thought.
  4. Self and Society: Texts about social and political theory, anthropology, and sociology.
  5. Money and Truth: An experimental website about the the foundations of our economic systems and economic justice.
  6. Psychology and Psychoanalysis: Collection related to psychoanalysis, and psychology in general.
  7. Logic, Math & Science: A small selection of writings about science, and its underlying principles. From Physics to Biology.
  8. Art and Literature: An unsystematic assemblage of literature, including art.
  9. Spirituality, Religions, and Theology: Various texts from Christian Theology to Zen.
  10. Quotes: My quotes collection: poignant insights from old traditions, deep reflections, and brilliant authors.