My Texts & Topics

Over the years, I have collected reference texts for workshops and classes. To make these resources more accessible, I have organized them into smaller, topic-specific websites. These websites contain quotes and short text selections from the philosophical, psychological, theological, and literary traditions that I find most compelling. Within these curated collections, you will find scientific references, concise overviews of various subjects, lecture notes, discussion points, summaries, and links to external resources.

  1. This website showcases some of my personal philosophical reflections and ideas.
  2. Philosophy Texts: A curated selection of influential philosophical texts spanning centuries of thought.
  3. Quotes: My collection of poignant insights from ancient traditions, profound reflections, and brilliant authors.
  4. Metaphysics Blog: A website dedicated to exploring metaphysical concepts, which I consider to be at the heart of Western thought.
  5. Self and Society: A compilation of texts covering social and political theory, anthropology, and sociology.
  6. Money and Truth: An experimental website examining the foundations of our economic systems and the concept of economic justice.
  7. Psychology and Psychoanalysis: A collection of resources related to psychoanalysis and psychology in general.
  8. Logic, Math & Science: A carefully chosen selection of writings about science and its underlying principles, ranging from physics to biology.
  9. Art and Literature: An eclectic assemblage of literature and art-related content.
  10. Spirituality, Religions, and Theology: A diverse collection of texts exploring various spiritual and religious traditions, from Christian theology to Zen Buddhism.